Old Marsh

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Established in 1987, Old Marsh is renowned as a "purist club" for avid golf enthusiasts. Both on and off the course, we uphold the true essence of golf and its natural surroundings.

Led by Laurie Auchterlonie, an honorary professional of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, our heritage is steeped in golfing excellence. Laurie Auchterlonie's family lineage boasts British Open and U.S. Open champions, and his reverence for the game's traditions is embodied in our club. The Auchterlonie family's cherished collection of antique clubs, spanning centuries, graces our clubhouse, reflecting our commitment to golf's timeless heritage.

Recognized as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary since April 1998, Old Marsh is a haven of eco-consciousness. Our unique drainage system protects the environment, channeling water into canals and retention ponds, preserving the pristine wetlands and nurturing local wildlife. Amidst this natural wonder, the majestic Florida sandhill crane and diverse flora thrive, creating a serene and harmonious backdrop.

Old Marsh stands as a testament to the purest golfing spirit, where heritage, nature, and the love for the game converge.

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